Sophie Hohenberg

Translation of the most relevant parts of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand’s act of Renunciation:


“Our marriage with the noble but unequal Countess Chotek is not an eligible but a morganatic marriage, and is to be considered as such for now and all times; in consequence whereof neither our wife nor the issue to be hoped for with God’s blessing from this our marriage, nor their descendants, will possess or be entitled to claim those rights, titles, armorial bearings, privileges, etc., that belongs to the eligible wives and to the issue of Archdukes from eligible marriages. And in particular we again recognise and declare that inasmuch as the issue from our aforesaid marriage and their descendants are not members of the most high Archhouse, they possess no right to succeed to Throne”

Vienna on the 28th of June 1900

Signature of the Archduke.

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