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No 354

Czechoslovakian laws of 1921.

Law voted on the 12th of August 1921: concerning the transfer of all properties and possessions incumbent upon the Czechoslovakian state following the multilateral peace treaties. The National Assembly of the Czechoslovakian republic decided the following law:


The Czechoslovakian state acquires all property and possessions:
1. Situated within the territories of the Czechoslovakian Republic and having belonged to the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the former Austrian Empire, the former Kingdom of Hungary or the interests of that Empire in the joined properties of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, as well as all the property of the Austro-Hungarian Crown and the private property of members of the former Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian family at the date of the 28th of October 1918, as well as those having been incorporated after the 28th of October 1918.
2. ……
3. ……




As properties and possessions of the former sovereign Austro-Hungarian family one has to understand the properties and possession namely of:
1. The former sovereign Karl and his wife Zita;
2. Other members of the former Royal Austro-Hungarian family, in particular also of the heir to the throne Franz-Ferdinand d’Este and his issue;
3. The Habsburg family fund.
4. …….

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